About Us

About Us

Who is Migr-ION™?

Migr-ION™ Migro has been in the manufacturing of industrial, commercial and residential indoor air quality products for 33 years, founded by Walter Flugel. Walter received an electrical engineering degree from CalTech, and went on to earn a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Heidelberg University. In these difficult times, it is of paramount importance to find ways to keep people safe and productive in doors. That is what Migr-ION™ does best, and with the innovative Migr-ION™ PureAire application we’ve developed, we are able to provide our customers with valuable air quality data to ensure the safety of their families, students and customers .

As the world begins to transition back to in-person work, education, and recreation facilities, it is necessary to provide the safest environment possible. That is what we do here at Migr-ION™. 

Manufacturing dynamic solutions for a dynamic world is our mantra at Migro, and Clean Air and Innovation is the name of the game with the Migr-ION™ suite of products. We strive to create innovative products that provide our customers with the tools and technology necessary to succeed.

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