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Schools & Universities:

Migr-ION™ understands the immediate need for clean air in places of education. In order to keep students safe and focused, action must be taken to provide clean air in places of gathering. Administrators can now use our Migr-ION™ iSense along with the Migr-ION™ PureAire Application to track the air quality and pollutant levels to ensure their students’ well being. While using the Migr-ION™ Bi-Polar Ionization system to effectively treat indoor air and remove harmful bacteria, mold, viruses and other pollutants.

Health Care:

Hospitals and medical facilities are always looking to innovate ways to keep facilities clean, as well as patients and staff members safe. Migr-ION™,understands this and stepped up to the challenge. Through the use of our Migr-ION™ iSense system and the PureAire Application, healthcare providers can now rest assured that their facilities’ air is clean. Our application will provide crucial information regarding air purity in order for our healthcare clients to stay informed and take action if need be. Safety and cleanliness are top priorities in healthcare, and Migr-ION™ has dynamic solutions to keep our health care workers safe

Commercial Buildings:

As we transition back to in-person work, consumers venture back into retail spaces , companies need to ensure the air quality is safe and provide their employees, and patrons with peace of mind when spending time in their buildings.. Traditional IAQ providers focused on bi-polar ionization devices as a means to reduce pathogens and allergens but had no way to communicate data on the air quality to those who it mattered to most. Our application provides real-time data to ensure peace of mind and safety to employees and customers. In order to be productive, employee’s need to feel safe, customers need to have the confidence to conduct business in safe spaces and now they can rest assured by having real time indoor air quality data on display


According to the Transportation Security Administration, 1.5 million people travel in the United States per day. In such frequented places, it is crucial to go beyond traditional sanitization methods in order to keep travelers safe. Our bi-polar ionization units and integrated Migr-ION™ PureAire application provide travelers with the ability to view live data and ensure the safety of the air quality around them.


When hosting guests, their safety and comfort is essential to success. Migr-ION™ understands the priority of our hospitality customers, which is why we developed our application that enables hospitality guests to easily view the air quality they breath. Empowering guests with air quality data promotes peace of mind and demonstrates consideration for their well being during their stay.

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