Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know what product is right for me?

Our Migr-ION™ iSense devices can be used in both commercial and residential spaces. The Migr-ION™ iSense X4S utilizes a small LED screen that displays various air quality measurements directly on the device. The Migr-ION™ iSense B3 wirelessly connects through our application, making air quality data available to view on any device with wifi capabilities. Choosing the right product varies depending on the use case.

How am I saving energy by using Migr-ION™ products?

Customers are saving energy through the use of Migr-ION™ devices. Outside air is required for ventilation to be effective, which in turn requires HVAC units to continually run in order to take the outside air and push it into indoor spaces. With the cleaner air that our devices produce, there is less of a need to push outside air into indoor spaces
due to the air quality of the air in doors. This can reduce the need for outside air, leading to reduced energy consumption and HVAC capital costs.

Does the installation of Migrion products contribute to LEED certification?

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, there are two ways in which a building can earn points towards LEED certification. The first is the “Indoor Air Quality Assessment,” which requires that certain contaminants do not exceed specified levels within a building. Our devices reduce contaminants and create cleaner air, contributing to this objective. Secondly, the LEED “Optimize Energy Performance” provides points to sites that reduce energy output to create more efficient HVAC processes. Our products reduce the HVAC capital costs and energy consumption, contributing to this objective. In these two ways, the installation of our products may contribute to LEED points.

Are there warranties for Migrion products? Are extensions available?

Yes, there is a 1 year warranty from time of purchase on any manufacturer defects after one year of ownership.

How do I register my product for a warranty?

Customers can register their devices through the Migr-ION™ PureAire application.