How It Works

How It Works

What Is Migr-ION™ Bi-Polar Ionization and How Does It Work?
Our patented Migr-ION™bi-polar ionization units provide our customers with clean air and peace of mind. Our groundbreaking Migr-ION™ software technology accompanies our devices to provide real-time readings of the air quality of any given space. This feature empowers all inhabitants with the knowledge of the air quality they work, learn, or live in.

What is an Ion?
An Ion is a positive or negatively charged atom or molecule, which means that the atom must gain or surrender electrons to become neutral. Ions occur naturally when an energy source is introduced into the atmosphere such as waterfalls, lighting, and even sun rays. These energy sources strip electrons from non-reactive oxygen atoms, creating natural air purification.

Why Use The Migr-ION™ Bi-Polar Ionization System?
Ions become exhausted when combating pollutants indoors due to the lack of fresh air, therefore lowering the number of naturally occurring ions and creating the
potential for higher levels of pollutants and pathogens in the air. Indoor air quality is 2x to 5x more polluted than outdoor air, and given the amount of time employees, students, and residents spend indoors, it is essential to monitor and clean the air of the dangerous pollutants such as mold, dust, viral and bacterial pathogens.

The use of bi-polar ionization technology creates and disperses positively and negatively charged ions into the HVAC units of buildings. These ions seek out and bond with pollutants, and as this cycle continues, there is an increase in molecule size. This process allows for the Migr-ION™ air filters in a building’s HVAC system to capture the enlarged pollutant molecules before they can be pushed into the air we breathe.

With our groundbreaking Migr-ION™ PureAire mobile application, we are able to communicate and visualize the real-time IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) measurements of a given space. This technology provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that the air they breathe is safe.

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