IAQ Software/Application

Our state of the art mobile application/software for IAQ monitoring.

Migro IAQ Application
Our state of the art mobile application provides our customers with a visualization of air quality readings through wirelessly transmitting real-time data from Migro™ devices.

The application provides real-time measurements of PM 2.5 (harmful particles that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres), VOC (volatile organic compounds), and CO2. The application can be displayed on a variety of mobile devices, making it possible to conveniently display the air purity to patrons of our customers. Traditional IAQ companies provide devices that aid in cleaning the indoor air quality of their customers but fail to provide valuable data that shows the positive effects of their products. This is where Migro™ exceeds expectations and innovates. Our simple-to-use application provides customers and their patrons with the information to know that the air they are breathing is clean and safe. With the introduction of this technology, Migro™ is able to gather personalized data on the air purity of our customer’s buildings and measure the positive effects of our products on their businesses. Our team can analyze the air quality before our installations, and after, giving our customers the data that they currently lack. This information can inform business decisions, and provide peace of mind to patrons of our customers.